Guitar Art Glass Studio Adds “Hollow Body” Family Member

Guitar Art - Lit Entire Hollow BodyExquisite Custom Guitar Art based out of Atlanta has completed its newest guitar, a beautiful Hollow Body style guitar that includes a brass Bigsby vibrator bar. With light-box technology the beautiful color tones of red, brown, yellow and white are beautifully illuminated on this stained glass and mosaic guitar. The light-box technology involves creating a cavity behind the main face/sound board of the guitar and applying an intense light source. This intriguing Guitar Art is produced by founder and creative designer, Paul Heller, for applications in commercial developments, museums, offices and personal residences.

Illuminated Guitar Art Creates Incredibly Intriguing Effects

Guitar Art - Hollow Body Unlit Face

Enlarged Face (Unlit) Featuring Beautiful Brass Bigsby Vibrator Bar

The beautiful stained glass coloration changes dramatically between states of  illumination or no illumination. A programmable timer circuit allows the coloration to change gradually or as quickly as desired. It is amazing how much more additional attention art attracts when lighting is varied. Whereas most art is observed by viewers for a couple seconds; this dynamic Guitar Art can lure attention for minutes at a time.

The Evolution of Hollow Body Guitars Which Began in the 1930s

Hollow Body guitars, also referred to as semi-acoustic, date back to the 1930s and contain both the sound box and at least one electric pickup. In 1936 Gibson manufactured the first semi-acoustic guitar in attempt to increase the sound volume produced in comparison to other band and orchestra instruments that were naturally much louder. These guitars became very popular especially with Jazz musicians as well as others.

These early Hollow Body guitars were ultimately the first step towards the evolution of the full electric guitars that were first made in 1940 with a totally solid face avoiding any type of sound box. The decorative holes that function as the sound box are simply called “f holes” as they resemble this alphabetic letter in shape. Vibrators are a common addition to many Hollow Body guitars with Bigsby being a leading manufacturer.

Hollow Body guitars are actively used by famous musicians/groups including John Lennon, the Zac Brown Band, Dave Matthews and Chet Atkins. When actor Jake Gyllenhaal was dating Taylor Swift as a birthday gift he gave her a Hollow Body guitar signed by Chet Atkins.  Today’s popular versions include Gibson’s ES-335 and ES-175 in addition to Rickenbacker’s 330JG.

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 Guitar Art - Hollow Body Side View

Side View With Gold and Metallic Spiraling Highlights
About Paul

Paul Heller has combined his passion for live music and his keen creativity to develop Guitar Art that uniquely merges stained glass and mosaic concepts along with state-of-the-art illumination technology. Exquisite Custom Guitar Art is an Atlanta-based art studio that designs and produces inspiring and intriguing Guitar Art for residential, office, museum, and commercial development applications.

Prior to pursuing professional art, Paul has been a management consultant (Touche Ross), hotel operator/entrepeneur and university business school professor (Social Media and Search Engine Marketing, Marketing Management, Corporate Finance, Hospitality Service Marketing, and MIS).