Custom Guitar Art Using New Light-Box Technology

Guitar Art - Guitars-4-Stars Mounting Purple HazeGuitar Wall Art Has Different “Lives” With Light-Box Application

The most extraordinary images from viewing stained glass usually results from a significqnt light source enhancing the vibrant coloration. Intricate and exotic stained glass usually looks entirely different with and without a significant light source from behind the glass. It is like the glass has two entirely “different lives”.

Guitars-4-Stars has developed state-of-the-art light-box technology to effectively create amazing Guitar Art that can truly inspire and “light-up” a special place residentially or commercially. Artwork that is lit-up draws an incredible amount of attention. Additional changes in appearance, as well as generating even more attention, can be achieved by varying the light source. A combination of a timer and sequencer can be used to both alternate the two different “lives” (completely on or off) or be phased in gradually.


Guitar Art - Guitars-4-Stars Band Saw Light Box
Guitar Art – Guitars-4-Stars Band Saw Light Box

The technology involves creating a hallowed-out, plywood template with a plexi-glass top. The plexi-glass provides an easy surface to mount the stained glass and accessories/tiles onto, yet allow for a powerful light source underneath. Glued sheets of plywood are cut meticulously in a two step process on a band saw. First the outer perimeter is cut in entirety. Next the face portion (sound board area) is then hallowed out do that a light-box cavity is formed.

Once the hallowed out plywood template is completed a plexi-glass outer perimeter face area is cut and mounted on top. To keep the fingerboard/head at the same consistent height as the light-box, a ¼ inch piece of plywood is cut and glued on top of the fingerboard/head that continues up to where the plexi-glass face starts.

Electric Guitar Art Becomes Electrifying Through “Purple Haze”

Electrical lighting is mounted on plywood that occupies the cavity formed underneath the plexi-glass to generate a significant light source. Appropriate voltage is selected to create significant light but avoid creating heat that would become problematic within an enclosed cavity without requiring ventilation.

The first generation of light-box guitars are being constructed including “Purple Haze” which will be included in an upcoming post and a likely addition for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (located in Cleveland, Ohio).

About Paul

Paul Heller has combined his passion for live music and his keen creativity to develop Guitar Art that uniquely merges stained glass and mosaic concepts along with state-of-the-art illumination technology. Exquisite Custom Guitar Art is an Atlanta-based art studio that designs and produces inspiring and intriguing Guitar Art for residential, office, museum, and commercial development applications.

Prior to pursuing professional art, Paul has been a management consultant (Touche Ross), hotel operator/entrepeneur and university business school professor (Social Media and Search Engine Marketing, Marketing Management, Corporate Finance, Hospitality Service Marketing, and MIS).