Guitar Art - Exquisite Custom Guitar Art Acoustic Blue Green
Guitar Art - Exquisite Custom Guitar Art Acoustic Purple Swirl
Guitar Art Homewood Suites Vanderbilt
Exquisite Custom Gutiar Art - Athens GA
Exquisite Custom Guitar Art - 12th & Porter Nashville
Guitar Art - Hollow Body Entire

Bring "Sculpture that Lights Up Your Life" to Special Places: Residence, Office, Commercial Developments and Video Props

Stained Glass Sculpture Art uniquely combines stained glass, mosaics and iconic musical imagery. The full scale (or larger) three dimensional Art is : (i) clad in stained glass; (ii) accessorized with pieces of mosaic tiles, metals and other creative materials; and (iii) secured through colorful grout. Pieces can be illuminated by using state-of-the-art back-lighting technology with timer cycle allowing constant or gradually phased in/out lighting. For example, logos or images can be placed in a guitar in the circular middle or pick guard areas..

Stained Glass Sculpture Art looks forward to working together soon!

New Light-Box Technology Magnificently Illuminates Stained Glass Through Back-Lighting

This pictured "Purple Haze" Guitar (left) is the first of a new series of illuminated pieces where back lighting further enhances the beautiful coloration of stained glass. A programmable dimmer chip allows light to gradually intensify and then phase out to bring further intrigue and captivation to it's viewers.

Select stained glass can have "two lives". The coloration when illuminated can be significantly different than the unlit state, so the viewer sees the coloration gradually shift back and forth between it's "two lives". The light-box technology involves creating a cavity where intense, yet diffused light is mounted behind the stained glass. Low voltage-LED lighting is used and the chip has a clock feature adjusting to any amount of hours, and period each day.

Guitar Art - ACC Booth ATl 2013 Reduced File
Guitar Art Miranda Lambert
"It's Beautiful"
says Miranda Lambert

Washington Monument
& Cherry Blossoms
Sax selected by San Francisco Museum of Modern Art Sculpture Curator, Janet Bishop, for National Glass Exhibition in New York

Exquisite Custom Guitar Art

Branding Opportunities in Circular Middle or Pick Guard Areas
Guitar Art Branding Opportunities - Exquisite Custom Guitar Art

Labor of Love Photos
Guitar Art - Blue Electrifying Guitar Enjoyed By LoCash Cowboys
Lo Cash: 2015 Hit Single
"I Love This Life"
Guitar Art - Website- Purple Side View Final
Guitar Art - Purple - White Backgrnd Pegs
Blue Guitar
Guitar Art - Blue Guitar Closeup
Guitar Art - Blue PegsF


Paul Heller
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Miranda Lambert's Pink Guitar

Guitar Art - Miranda Lambert Pink Guitar
Guitar Art - Miranda Lambert Pink Guitar Interpretation

“An Artistic Interpretation”

Guitar Art - Pink Guitar Closeup

Mirrored Edge Detail

Guitar Art - Pink Tuner Pegs

Head and Tuner Pegs Detail